American Shares

Business / Finance / American Shares: Securities certificates issued in the U.S. by a transfer agent acting on behalf of the foreign issuer. The certificates represent claims to foreign equities.
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Ginseng, American Wild (Panax quinquefolia)

Health / Herbs / Ginseng, American Wild (Panax quinquefolia): An adaptogen (helps the system adapt to a variety of changes), increases energy, decreases blood pressure. contraindicated during pregnancy. MORE

Fully Diluted Earnings Per Shares

Business / Finance / Fully Diluted Earnings Per Shares: An asset that has already been charged with the maximum amount of depreciation allowed by the IRS for accounting purposes. MORE

Floating Shares

Business / Taxes / Floating Shares: Floating shares are shares of a public corporation that are available for trading in a stock market. The number of floating shares may be smaller than the company’s outstanding shares if founding pa MORE

Healthy Meals For Healthy Americans Act Of 1994

Business / Agriculture / Healthy Meals For Healthy Americans Act Of 1994: P.L. 103-448 (November 2, 1994) Amendments reauthorizing several expiring programs under the National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Amendments of 1966 through FY1998. Required that federally su MORE

Identified Shares

Business / Finance / Identified Shares: Treasury savings bonds with a 30-yeat maturity indexed to account for inflation. MORE

North American Cellular Network (NACN)

Technology / Cell Phones / North American Cellular Network (NACN): An organization of cellular providers that facilitates cellular calls across the country to be linked for seamless roaming. MORE