Business / Finance / Agent: The decision-maker in a principal-agent relationship.
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Agent Noun Synonyms: representative, intermediary, go-between, proxy, emissary, delegate, spokesman, spokeswoman, spokesperson, deputy, substitute, surrogate, advocate, emissary, legate, envoy, factor

Independent Agents

Health / Health Insurance / Independent Agents: Agents that represent the products of several health plans or insurers. MORE

Captive Agents

Health / Health Insurance / Captive Agents: Agents that represent only one health plan or insurer. MORE

Agent Assistance

Life Style / Travel / Agent Assistance: Travels websites have available staff that will contact a customer by telephone or email when they request information about time availability or booking functions. Agents are capable of taking care o MORE


Science / Chemistry / Reagent: A substance or mixture that is useful in chemical analysis or synthesis. MORE

Reducing Agent

Science / Chemistry / Reducing Agent: A reducing agent is a substance that reduce another substance by supplying electrons to it. Reducing agents cause other substances to be reduced in chemical reactions while they themselves are oxidize MORE

Referral Agent

Life Style / Travel / Referral Agent: An ' agent ' that refers business to a travel agency in return for a commission or fee often as part of a card mill operation. Knows little about the travel industry be sure you know who you are deali MORE