Aged Fail

Business / Finance / Aged Fail: An account between two broker/dealers that remains intact after 30 days after the settlement date. The receiving firm must adjust its capital as it can no longer treat this account as an assets.
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Other Words for Aged

Aged Adjective Synonyms: old, elderly, superannuated, ancient, age-old, grey, venerable

Other Words for Fail

Fail Noun Synonyms: not succeed, be unsuccessful, miss, miscarry, misfire, fall short (of), fall flat, fall through, falter, be (found) lacking or wanting, be defective, be deficient, be or prove inadequate, come to grief or naught or nothing, go wrong, abort
Fail Verb Synonyms: decline, peter out, dwindle, diminish, wane, deteriorate, weaken, decay, fade or die (out or away), disappear, flag, ebb, sink, languish, give out, gutter, go out

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