Administrative Pricing Rules

Business / Finance / Administrative Pricing Rules: IRS rules used to allocate income on export sales to a foreign sales corporation.
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Regulatory Pricing Risk

Business / Finance / Regulatory Pricing Risk: Risk that arises when insurance companies are subject to regulation of the premium rates that can they charge. MORE

Pricing Efficiency

Business / Finance / Pricing Efficiency: Also called external efficiency; a market characteristic that prices at all times fully reflect all available information that is relevant to the valuation of securities. MORE

Rules And Regulations

Business / Real Estate / Rules And Regulations: Real estate licensing authority orders that govern licensees activities, they usually have the same force and effect as statutory law. MORE

Rules Of Fair Practice

Business / Finance / Rules Of Fair Practice: Rules established by the NASD that lay down guidelines for just and equitable principles of trade and business in securities markets. MORE

Rules Of Golf

Entertainment / Golf / Rules Of Golf: Regulations and procedures of the game as set forth by a collaborative effort of the royal and ancient golf club of st. Andrews in scotland and the united states golf association (for specific rules s MORE

Multiple Component Pricing

Business / Agriculture / Multiple Component Pricing: The practice of valuing farm milk according to the value of its protein, fat, and mineral content. This practice has been adopted by many regions for federal milk marketing orders. Historically, milk MORE