Accumulated Dividend

Business / Finance / Accumulated Dividend: A dividend that has reached its due date, but is not paid out. See: Cumulative preferred stock.
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Income Dividend

Business / Finance / Income Dividend: A bond whose payment of interest is contingent on sufficient earnings. These bonds are commonly used during the reorganization of a failed or failing business. MORE

Illegal Dividend

Business / Finance / Illegal Dividend: In over-the-counter trading, same as H-H page, but exclusively for OTC stocks. MORE

Homemade Dividend

Business / Finance / Homemade Dividend: Large capital gain in a stock in a short period of time. MORE

Indicated Dividend

Business / Finance / Indicated Dividend: A passive instrument strategy calling for construction of a portfolio of stocks designed to track the total return performance of an index of stocks. MORE

Insurance Dividend

Business / Finance / Insurance Dividend: A claim for reimbursement from the insurance company when the insured has suffered a loss that is covered under an insurance policy. MORE

Liquidating Dividend

Business / Finance / Liquidating Dividend: Payment by a firm to its owners from capital rather than from earnings. MORE