Accrued Expenses

Business / Finance / Accrued Expenses: Expenses that the business has incurred for which it has not received, or will not receive, an invoice, and that have not yet been paid.
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Other Words for Expenses

Expenses Adjective Synonyms: payment, costs, outlay, outgoings, disbursement, expenditure, spending, out-of-pocket (expenses), cost, price, charge, fee, rate

Operating Expenses

Business / Finance / Operating Expenses: All expenses related to the ongoing operations of a company, including research and development, sales and marketing, and administrative expenses. Any costs directly attributable to producing goods or MORE

Other Expenses

Business / Finance / Other Expenses: Expenses due to activities outside the normal operations of the business, for example, loss from foreign exchange and loss from investments. MORE

Miscellaneous Expenses

Business / Finance / Miscellaneous Expenses: An account for operating expenses that do not fall into any of the predefined categories such as salaries, utilities, advertising, and depreciation. MORE

Inflexible Expenses

Business / Finance / Inflexible Expenses: Securities such as bonds or notes that guarantee a return higher than the rate of inflation if the security is held to maturity. MORE

Flexible Expenses

Business / Finance / Flexible Expenses: A budget that shows how costs vary with different rates of output or at different levels of sales volume and projects revenue based on these different output levels. MORE

Other Revenues And Expenses

Business / Accounting / Other Revenues And Expenses: Items incurred or earned from activities that are outside, or peripheral to, the normal operations of a firm. MORE