Accrued Benefits

Business / Finance / Accrued Benefits: The pension benefits earned by an employee accourding to the years of the employee's service.
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Other Words for Benefits

Benefits Noun Synonyms: perquisite(s), emolument(s), allowance(s), extra(s), fringe benefit(s), perk(s)

Incremental Costs And Benefits

Business / Finance / Incremental Costs And Benefits: Average cost applicable to the issue of each additional unit of debt and equity. MORE

Living Benefits

Business / Finance / Living Benefits: Life insurance benefits from which the insured can draw cash while still living, usually in the case of some high-cost illness. MORE

Other Income Benefits

Health / Dentistry / Other Income Benefits: While disabled, an employee may be eligible for benefits from other sources. Benefits payable under the Long Term Disability plan may be reduced by other sources of income such as Social Security and MORE

Flexible Benefits Plan

Health / Dentistry / Flexible Benefits Plan: A type of benefits program that offers employees a menu of benefit options, allowing them to create a benefits package which best suits their individual needs. MORE

Fixed Benefits

Business / Finance / Fixed Benefits: The ratio of net Property, Plant and Equipment book value to tangible equity, used as a type of efficiency ratio. Typical values for this ratio vary from one industry to another. Higher values for the MORE

Extension Of Benefits

Health / Dentistry / Extension Of Benefits: When a person's coverage is extended under certain conditions, such as disability, after their group health coverage would otherwise have ended. MORE