Absolute Priority

Business / Finance / Absolute Priority: Rule in bankruptcy proceedings requiring senior creditors to be paid in full before junior creditors receive any payment.
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Other Words for Absolute

Absolute Adjective Synonyms: perfect, complete, total, finished, thorough, through-and-through, consummate, flawless, faultless, unadulterated, pure, unmixed, unalloyed, undiluted, rank

Other Words for Priority

Priority Adjective Synonyms: precedence, precedency, primacy, urgency, immediacy, predominance, pre-eminence, preference, rank, superiority, prerogative, right, seniority, importance, weight, immediacy

Absolute Zero

Science / Chemistry / Absolute Zero: (0 K) The temperature at which the volume of an ideal gas becomes zero; a theoretical coldest temperature that can be approached but never reached. Absolute zero is zero on the Kelvin scale, -273.15° MORE

Aperture Priority Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Aperture Priority Camera: Semi-automatic camera on which the photographer sets the aperture and the camera automatically sets the shutter speed. MORE

Absolute Time

Science / Biology / Absolute Time: One of the two types of geologic time (relative time being the other), with a definite age date established mostly by the decay of radioactive elements, although ages may also be obtained by counting MORE

Absolute Temperature Scale

Science / Weather / Absolute Temperature Scale: A temperature scale with a freezing point of +273°K (Kelvin) and a boiling point of +373°K. MORE

Absolute Temperature

Science / Chemistry / Absolute Temperature: Temperature measured on a scale that sets absolute zero as zero. In the SI system, the kelvin scale is used to measure absolute temperature. MORE

Aperture Priority Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / Aperture Priority Mode: The Aperture Priority mode can be found in most DSLR and SLR-like cameras and even some compact Digital Camera models. When using the Aperture Priority mode, the camera allows manual setting of the ap MORE