Business / Debt / Value: The worth or desirability of something expressed as an amount of money.
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Time Value Of Money

Business / Accounting / Time Value Of Money: Comparison of a lump sum of money, or a series of equal payments, between two different time periods (e.g., present and future), assuming a specified interest rate and time period. (Reference: The Tim MORE

Value Line, Inc.

Business / Taxes / Value Line, Inc.: Value Line is an investment research company that provides detailed analysis on a range of stocks, mutual funds, and convertible investments. Their publications include The Value Line Investment Surve MORE

Value Line Composite Index

Business / Taxes / Value Line Composite Index: Value Line, an independent investment research service, tracks the performance of approximately 1,700 common stocks in its composite index. The index, which is equally weighted, is considered a reliab MORE

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Business / Accounting / Value Added Tax (VAT): Value Added Tax, or VAT as it is usually called is a sales tax which increases the price of goods. At the time of writing the UK VAT standard rate is 17.5%, there is also a rate for fuel which is 5% ( MORE

Value-Added Agriculture

Business / Agriculture / Value-Added Agriculture: A concept that has gained currency in the small farm policy debate, in response to the concern that the farm value of the consumer food dollar continues to decrease (which, some small farm advocates c MORE

Value Stock

Business / Taxes / Value Stock: Value stocks, also known as undervalued stocks, trade at a lower price than the company's reputation, earnings outlook, or financial situation would seem to merit. Investors who seek them out expect t MORE