Re Mortgage

Business / Debt / Re Mortgage: To re mortgage is arranging alternative finance for the purchase of a property which is already mortgaged.
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Business / Finance / Recapture: A provision in a contract that allows one party to recover (recapture) some degree of possession of an asset, such as a share of the profits derived from some property. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Recapitulation: A reprise. MORE

Recapitalization Proposal

Business / Finance / Recapitalization Proposal: Often used in risk arbitrage. Plan by a target company to restructure its capitalization (debt and equity) in a way to ward off a hostile or potential suitor. MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Recall: The portion of relevant documents that were retrieved when compared to all relevant documents. MORE

Recapture Clause

Business / Real Estate / Recapture Clause: A clause in some percentage leases where the lessor has the right to terminate a lease if a tenant does not obtain a desired gross. MORE

Recapture Rate

Business / Real Estate / Recapture Rate: A periodic allowance for the recovery of investment capital from the propertys income stream. MORE