Business / Debt / Lease: A contract in which the legal owner of property or other asset agrees to another person using that property or asset in return for a regular specified payment (known as rent) over a set term. In addition to buildings, other items such as cars and computers are often leased in order to avoid capital costs in the running of a business.
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Lease Noun Synonyms: rental agreement or contract, sublease, sublet

Sale And Lease-Back

Business / Finance / Sale And Lease-Back: Sale of an existing asset to a financial institution that then leases it back to the user. Related: Lease. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Sublease: A lease given by a lessee for a portion of the leasehold interest, while the lessee retains some reversionary interest. The sublease may be for all or part of the premises, for the whole term or part MORE

Equipment Leases

Business / Loan / Equipment Leases: Leases allowing companies to purchase new equipment. MORE