Business / Debt / Holder: A person in possession of a negotiable instrument such as a bill of exchange or promissory note. That person may be the payee or the endorsee. Or a person who has made an opening purchase of an option and thus has acquired the rights to them.
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Shareholders Letter

Business / Finance / Shareholders Letter: A section of an annual report where one can find general overall discussion by management of successful and failed strategies. Provides guidance for looking at specific parts of the report. MORE


Health / Disease / Stakeholder: A person, group, or community who has an interest in activities at a hazardous waste site. MORE

Shareholders Equity

Business / Finance / Shareholders Equity: This is a company's total assets minus total liabilities. A company's net worth is the same thing. MORE

Shareholders (Stockholders)

Business / Accounting / Shareholders (Stockholders): Individuals or organizations that own a portion (shares of stock) of a corporation. MORE


Business / Finance / Bondholder: The firm often has stockholders and bondholders. In a liquidation, the bondholders have first priority. MORE


Business / Accounting / Shareholders: The owners of a limited company or corporation. MORE