Business / Debt / Fee: A charge for services rendered
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Fee Verb Synonyms: charge, price, cost, fare, bill, tariff, toll, damage(s)
Fee Noun Synonyms: pay, payment, emolument, compensation, recompense, honorarium, remuneration, rate, wage(s), stipend, salary

Fee Simple

Business / Real Estate / Fee Simple: The maximum possible estate one can possess in real property. A fee simple estate is the least limited interest and the most complete and absolute ownership in land, it is of indefinite duration, free MORE

Management Fee

Business / Finance / Management Fee: An investment advisory fee charged by the financial adviser to a fund typically on the basis of the fund's average assets, but sometimes determined on a sliding scale that declines as the dollar amoun MORE

Feeder Cattle

Business / Agriculture / Feeder Cattle: A steer or cow mature enough to be placed in a feedlot where it will be fattened prior to slaughter. Feeder calves are less than 1 year old: feeder yearlings are between 1 and 2 years old. MORE

American Depository Receipt Fees

Business / Finance / American Depository Receipt Fees: Fees associated with the creating or releasing of ADRs from ordinary shares, charged by the commercial banks with correspondent banks in the international sites. MORE

Animal Feeding Operation

Business / Agriculture / Animal Feeding Operation: Facilities where animals are kept and raised in confined situations: feed is brought to the animals. The General Accounting Office estimates that there are 450,000 such operations nationwide. When lar MORE

Recording Fees

Business / Loan / Recording Fees: Fees charged by the local government to record loan documents (for example, the mortgage). These fees will be charged to the borrower and shown on the Settlement Statement (HUD-1). MORE