Business / Debt / Debt: Means any money that is owed or due to someone else.
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Debt Adjective Synonyms: obligation, due, indebtedness, liability, responsibility, accountability, encumbrance

Debt Security

Business / Taxes / Debt Security: Debt securities are interest-paying bonds, notes, bills, or money market instruments that are issued by governments or corporations. Some debt securities pay a fixed rate of interest over a fixed time MORE

Debt Relief

Business / Debt / Debt Relief: The last resort for a debtor when dealing with debt where the debtor cannot pay their debts - bankruptcy. The debtor will lose control of their assets, possibly including their home and their credit r MORE

Debt Payment Program (DPP)

Business / Debt / Debt Payment Program (DPP): An agreement under the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) that allows you to pay off your debts over an extended period of time. The program can be for any amount of money or for any reasonable length of t MORE

Debt-Equity Swap

Business / Debt / Debt-Equity Swap: Debt equity swap is a transaction in which existing bonds (debt) are exchanged for newly issued stock (equity). For example, an individual can in essence cancel a portion of their debt and transfer th MORE

Original Issue Discount Debt (OID Debt)

Business / Finance / Original Issue Discount Debt (OID Debt): Debt that is initially offered at a price below par. MORE

Subordinated Debt (Junior Debt)

Business / Loan / Subordinated Debt (Junior Debt): Debt over which senior debt takes priority. In the event of bankruptcy, subordinated debt-holders receive payment only after senior debt is paid in full. A subordination of security interest in proper MORE