Debt-Equity Swap

Business / Debt / Debt-Equity Swap: Debt equity swap is a transaction in which existing bonds (debt) are exchanged for newly issued stock (equity). For example, an individual can in essence cancel a portion of their debt and transfer the equivalent balance to equity. A debt-equity swap can help an individual that is in financial trouble by cancelling some of their outstanding debt. Debt management A form of dealing with debt where the debtor can pay their debts (including interest and penalty charges) in full - they just need a bit more time. The debtor will keep control of their assets and most importantly they will keep their home.
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Rate Anticipation Swaps

Business / Finance / Rate Anticipation Swaps: An exchange of bonds in a portfolio for new bonds that will achieve the target portfolio duration, given the investor's assumptions about future changes in interest rates. MORE

Reverse A Swap

Business / Finance / Reverse A Swap: Reswap of bonds to gain the advantage of a yield spread or tax loss and restore a bond portfolio to its position before the original swap. MORE

Sponsorship Swap

Technology / Email / Sponsorship Swap: An agreement between email list owners, publishers or advertisers to sponsor each other's mailings or newsletters for free. See ad swap. MORE