DAS Approved Money Adviser

Business / Debt / DAS Approved Money Adviser: A DAS approved money adviser is a general money adviser who has received further training (and been approved by the DAS administrator) to act on behalf of the debtor to negotiate a debt payment program (DPP) under DAS.
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Other Words for Adviser

Adviser Noun Synonyms: counselor, mentor, guide, cicerone, counsel, consultant, confidante

Other Words for Money

Money Adjective Synonyms: resources, wealth, fortune, funds, capital, wherewithal, affluence, means, (liquid) assets, riches, bundle
Money Noun Synonyms: currency, legal tender, medium of exchange, specie, (hard) cash, ready money, banknotes, paper money, notes, bills, coin(s), change, small change, (filthy) lucre, pelf, shekels, lolly, readies, folding money, cold (hard)


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Near Money

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Mountain (Tadasana)

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New Money

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Nonmoney Income

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Out-Of-The-Money Option

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