Business / Debt / Beneficiary: The Person who is entitled to receive funds of property under the terms and provisions of a will, trust, insurance policy or security instrument. In connection with a mortgage loan the beneficiary is the lender.
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Income Beneficiary

Business / Finance / Income Beneficiary: Another term for net income. MORE

Contingent Beneficiary

Business / Taxes / Contingent Beneficiary: A contingent beneficiary receives the proceeds of an insurance policy, term-certain annuity, individual retirement account (IRA), employer-sponsored retirement savings plan, will, or trust if the prim MORE

Beneficiary Statement

Business / Real Estate / Beneficiary Statement: When an existing loan is to be paid or assumed by a buyer, the escrow agent will obtain a statement of the balance due on the loan so the buyer receives the proper amount of credit. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Member: An individual or dependent who is enrolled in and covered by a managed health care plan. Also called Enrollee or Beneficiary. MORE