Business / Debt / Asset: An asset is property that belongs to an individual. Including; real property (land or buildings) and personal property (eg cash, stocks and shares, or vehicles).
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Asset Noun Synonyms: talent, strength, advantage, resource, benefit

Optimal Asset Utilization (OAU)

Business / Accounting / Optimal Asset Utilization (OAU): A supply-chain metric to gauge the right speed for asset turnover. Operational Asset Utilization (OAU) is identical to asset utilization, except that it excludes demand related losses. Demand related MORE

Intangible Assets

Business / Accounting / Intangible Assets: Assets of a non-physical or financial nature. An asset such as a loan or an endowment policy are good examples. See tangible assets . MORE

Other Assets

Business / Finance / Other Assets: Assets exclusive of current assets and property, plant and equipment. Other assets can include intangibles, deposits, loans made, and miscellaneous non-current assets. MORE

Residual Assets

Business / Finance / Residual Assets: Assets that remain after sufficient assets are dedicated to meet all senior debtholders' claims in full. MORE

Current Asset

Business / Loan / Current Asset: Assets that will normally be turned into cash within a year. MORE

Asset-Backed Bond

Business / Taxes / Asset-Backed Bond: Asset-backed bonds, also known as asset-backed securities, are secured by loans or by money owed to a company for merchandise or services purchased on credit. For example, an asset-backed bond is crea MORE