Window Frame

Business / Construction / Window Frame: The stationary part of a window unit: window sash fits into the window frame.
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Other Words for Frame

Frame Verb Synonyms: enclose, box (in), set off
Frame Noun Synonyms: framework, shell, form, skeleton, support, chassis, framing, structure, fabric, scaffolding, construction

Request Window

Life Style / Time Shares / Request Window: The 24 month time frame within which owners of timeshares may submit their vacation exchange requests. MORE

Ramus Frame

Health / Dentistry / Ramus Frame: Full arch implant of tripodial design which consists of a horizontal supragingival connecting bar with endosteal segments placed into the two rami and symphyseal areas. MORE

Open Reading Frame (ORF)

Science / Genetics / Open Reading Frame (ORF): The sequence of dna or rna located between the start-code sequence (initiation codon) and the stop-code sequence (termination codon). MORE

Schedule (Window, Door, Mirror)

Business / Construction / Schedule (Window, Door, Mirror): A table on the blueprints that list the sizes, quantities and locations of the windows, doors and mirrors. MORE

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Technology / Email / Sender Policy Framework (SPF): A protocol used to eliminate email forgeries. A line of code called an SPF record is placed in a sender's Domain Name Server information. The incoming mail server can verify a sender by reading the SP MORE

Spine Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Spine Frame: A motorcycle frame with a single main structural member from which the engine is suspended. Also known as a backbone frame. MORE