Business / Construction / Valley: The 'V' shaped area of a roof where two sloping roofs meet. Water drains off the roof at the valleys.
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Valley Adverb Synonyms: glen, dale, dell, vale, dingle, hollow, coomb or coombe or combe or comb, Welsh cirque or corrie or cwm, strath

V-Shaped Valley

Science / Geology / V-Shaped Valley: A valley with a narrow bottom and a cross section shaped like the letter 'V'. Valleys of this shape are almost always cut by stream erosion. MORE

U-Shaped Valley

Science / Geology / U-Shaped Valley: A deep valley with a flat floor and very steep walls. Shaped in cross-section like the letter 'U'. Valleys with this geometry are frequently cut by a glacier. MORE

Rafter, Valley

Business / Construction / Rafter, Valley: A rafter that forms the intersection of an internal roof angle. The valley rafter is normally made of double 2-inch-thick members. MORE

Hanging Valley

Science / Geology / Hanging Valley: A tributary to a U-shaped glacial valley which, instead of entering the valley at the same level as the main stream, enters at a higher elevation, frequently as a waterfall. These different stream lev MORE

Glacial Valley

Science / Geology / Glacial Valley: A valley occupied or formerly occupied by a glacier, typically with a U-shaped profile. MORE

Rift Valley

Science / Geology / Rift Valley: A fault trough formed in a divergence zone or other area of tension. MORE