Tub Trap

Business / Construction / Tub Trap: Curved, 'U' shaped section of a bath tub drain pipe that holds a water seal to prevent sewer gasses from entering the home through tubs water drain.
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Other Words for Trap

Trap Verb Synonyms: snare, pitfall, gin, springe, deadfall, booby-trap
Trap Noun Synonyms: mouth, yap, gob, mush, face

Training Straps

Health / Fitness / Training Straps: Strap used around the wrist and the remaining material is wrapped around the weight lifting bar to aid you in holding the weight. MORE

Tentacle-Tube-Foot Suspension Feeder

Science / Marine Biology / Tentacle-Tube-Foot Suspension Feeder: Suspension feeder that traps particles on distinct tentacles or tube feet (in echinoderms) MORE


Business / Agriculture / Stubble-Mulching: Leaving the stubble or crop residue essentially in place on the land as a surface cover during a fallow period. Stubble-mulching can prevent erosion from wind or water and conserve soil moisture. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Trap: A defensive tactic in which two players double-team the ball handler. MORE

Trap (Oil)

Science / Geology / Trap (Oil): A sedimentary or tectonic structure that impedes the upward movement of oil and gas and allows it to collect beneath the barrier. MORE


Health / Fitness / Traps: Abbreviation for trapezius muscles, the largest muscle of the back and neck that draws the head backwards and rotates the scapula. MORE