Tip Up

Business / Construction / Tip Up: The downspout extension that directs water (from the home's gutter system) away from the home. They typically swing up when mowing the lawn, etc.
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Other Words for Tip

Tip Adjective Synonyms: slant, lean, incline, slant, tilt, cant
Tip Verb Synonyms: top, cap, crown, surmount
Tip Noun Synonyms: end, extremity, peak, apex, summit, vertex, cap, top, pinnacle, tiptop, crown, head, terminal, ferrule or ferule, finial, nib or neb, point

Single-Family, Owner-Occupied Dwellings

Business / Real Estate / Single-Family, Owner-Occupied Dwellings: A dwelling which will be owned and occupied by a signatory to the mortgage or deed of trust secured by such dwelling within 90 days of the execution of the mortgage or deed of trust. MORE

Sitting Up Out Of Your Hips

Health / Pilates / Sitting Up Out Of Your Hips: An image to encourage length in the spine while seated. Initially, you may need to sit on a firm pillow to do this. Sending energy out of the top of your head and down through your pelvis will lengthe MORE

Small Employer Group

Health / Health Insurance / Small Employer Group: Generally means groups with 1 99 employees. The definition may vary between states. MORE

Single Supplement

Life Style / Travel / Single Supplement: An additional charge when purchasing a cruise or tour whose pricing is based on double-occupancy. This supplement can be as much as twice the ppdo rate. MORE

Single Occupancy

Life Style / Travel / Single Occupancy: The occupancy by one person of a cabin that is designed to accommodate two or more passengers. A premium (single supplement - see below) is ordinarily charged. MORE

Short Coupon

Business / Finance / Short Coupon: MORE