Business / Construction / Story: That part of a building between any floor or between the floor and roof.
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Story Verb Synonyms: narrative, tale, recounting, anecdote, yarn, account, recital, chronicle, record, history, legend, myth, fairy tale or story, romance, gest or geste, fable, fabliau, epic, saga, Edda, joke, gag, mystery, detective story, whodunit, thriller, horror
Story Adjective Synonyms: story-line, plot, scenario, (plot) outline, summary, book

Search History

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search History: Many search engines store user search history information. This data can be used for better ad targeting or to make old information more findable. Search engines may also determine what a document is MORE

Medical History

Health / Massage / Medical History: In clinical medicine, the patient's past and present which may contain clues bearing on their health past, present, and future. The medical history, being an account of all medical events and problems MORE

Short Story

Entertainment / Literature / Short Story: A brief prose tale, as Edgar Allan Poe labeled it. This work of narrative fiction may contain description, dialogue and commentary, but usually plot functions as the engine driving the art. The best s MORE

Story Stock-Bond

Business / Finance / Story Stock-Bond: A refunding rate that falls on the stopping curve. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Storyboard: A written description of a program consisting of small drawings of individual shots. When used in animation, this series of sketches precisely outlines the progression of the entire cartoon. MORE

Story Time

Technology / Television (TV) / Story Time: The amount of time that transpires within a program's narrative. See screen time. MORE