Stick Built

Business / Construction / Stick Built: A house built without prefabricated parts. Also called conventional building.
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Other Words for Stick

Stick Adjective Synonyms: pierce, thrust, stab, transfix, pin, spike, impale, spear, spit, run through, poke, gore, jab, prick, puncture, punch, penetrate, drill, bore, riddle, perforate
Stick Noun Synonyms: put, drop, place, deposit, shove, plonk, plunk, plop
Stick Verb Synonyms: linger, dwell, remain (fixed), continue, stay, be or become lodged or stopped or fixed or fast or immovable or stationary, be or become entangled or enmired or bogged down

Stick Save

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Save: A save made with the goaltender's stick. MORE

Stick Side

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Side: The side on which the goaltender holds the stick; the opposite of glove side. MORE

Stick The Volley

Entertainment / Tennis / Stick The Volley: A volley hit crisply resulting in shot with a sharp downward trajectory. MORE

Stick Deke

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Deke: When a player’s stick is moved as though for a shot, but instead the player moves the puck past the defending player; done to fake out the opponent. MORE

Stick Check

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Check: Checking an opponent with the stick. See hook check; poke check; sweep check. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Stick: 1. Another name for the flagstick or pin 2. (also 'stiff, stoney') to put a shot close to the hole MORE