Business / Construction / Square: A unit of measure-100 square feet-usually applied to roofing and siding material. Also, a situation that exists when two elements are at right angles to each other. Also a tool for checking this.
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Square Noun Synonyms: equilateral, quadrangular, rectangular, right-angled, quadrilateral, four-sided, cubic, cubed, six-sided, boxy
Square Verb Synonyms: equal, on a par, even, on equal terms, settled, balanced
Square Adjective Synonyms: healthful, healthy, nutritious, substantial, solid, full, generous, satisfying, filling, unstinting

R Square (R2)

Business / Finance / R Square (R2): Square of the correlation coefficient. The proportion of the variability in one series that can be explained by the variability of one or more other series a regression model. A measure of the quality MORE

All Square

Entertainment / Golf / All Square: Term used in match play scoring to indicate that the match is even at present (abbreviated as 'as' on scoreboard) MORE

Solid Square

Business / Machine Shop / Solid Square: A very accurate try square in which a steel blade is set firmly into a solid, rectangular-shaped handle so that each edge of the blade makes an angle of exactly 90º with the inner face (side) of the MORE

Sesquiquadrate, Sesqui-Square

Science / Astrology / Sesquiquadrate, Sesqui-Square: A multiple of the semi-square, and eighth harmonic aspect. A minor hard aspect, separating distance 135°, its influence is frictional. MORE

Square Threads

Business / Machine Shop / Square Threads: A thread having a depth, width and space between threads that are equal. It is used on heavy jack screws, vise screws and other similar items. MORE

Square-Foot Method

Business / Real Estate / Square-Foot Method: A method of estimating a buildings construction, reproduction or replacement costs, whereby the structures square-foot floor area is multiplied by an appropriate construction cost per square foot. MORE