Splash Block

Business / Construction / Splash Block: Portable concrete (or vinyl) channel generally placed beneath an exterior sill cock (water faucet) or downspout in order to receive roof drainage from downspouts and to divert it away from the building.
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Other Words for Block

Block Verb Synonyms: obstruct, close off, barricade, bar, shut off, hinder, hamper, balk, impede, prevent
Block Noun Synonyms: piece, chunk, hunk, lump, slab, stump, brick, cube

Other Words for Splash

Splash Verb Synonyms: spatter, spray, splatter, sprinkle, spot, stain, smear, smudge, splodge or also splotch
Splash Noun Synonyms: spatter, bespatter, splatter, shower, spray, sprinkle, besprinkle, splodge or also splotch, mottle, spot
Splash Adjective Synonyms: impression, show, uproar, ado, brouhaha, sensation, commotion, excitement, foofaraw, to-do

Fire Block

Business / Construction / Fire Block: Short horizontal members sometimes nailed between studs, usually about halfway up a wall. See also 'Fire stop'. MORE

Fault-Block Mountain

Science / Geology / Fault-Block Mountain: A mountain or range formed as a horst when it was elevated between parallel normal faults. MORE

F PCS Block

Technology / Cell Phones / F PCS Block: The final PCS license that was auctioned by the FCC in January 1997. Each contains 10 MHz of spectrum in the 1900 MHz band and is based on BTA geographic partitions. The licenses were reserved for sma MORE

Johannson Blocks (Jo Blocks)

Business / Machine Shop / Johannson Blocks (Jo Blocks): Common term for the precision gage blocks used and accepted as dimensional standards by machinists, toolmakers and inspectors. MORE

Logical Block Addressing (LBA)

Technology / Computers / Logical Block Addressing (LBA): In a system using an enhanced BIOS and Operating System that supports the use of LBA, it would then be possible for the computer to use a larger hard drive. LBA allows for use of a unique sector numbe MORE

Omega Block

Science / Weather / Omega Block: A warm high aloft which has become displaced and is on the polarward side of the jet stream. It frequently occurs in the late winter and early spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The name comes from it MORE