Spec Home

Business / Construction / Spec Home: A house built before it is sold. The builder speculates that he can sell it at a profit.
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Other Words for Home

Home Noun Synonyms: (home) base, residency, territory, haunt, home ground, bailiwick, stamping-ground
Home Adjective Synonyms: dwelling-place, residence, domicile, abode, dwelling, house, (living) quarters, habitation, lodging(s), accommodation or accommodations, place, digs, diggings

Special Order

Business / Accounting / Special Order: An order that may be priced below the normal price in order to utilize excess capacity and thereby contribute to company profits. MORE

Special Needs Children

Life Style / Adoption / Special Needs Children: Children whose emotional or physical disorders, age, race, membership in a sibling group, a history of abuse or other factors contribute to a lengthy stay in foster care. Guidelines for classifying a MORE

Special Milk Program

Business / Agriculture / Special Milk Program: Offers federal reimbursements for each half-pint of milk served to a child in a participating outlet, which generally is any school or facility caring for children that does not participate in other f MORE

Special Populations

Health / Disease / Special Populations: People who might be more sensitive or susceptible to exposure to hazardous substances because of factors such as age, occupation, sex, or behaviors (for example, cigarette smoking). Children, pregnant MORE

Special Purpose Motor

Technology / Motors / Special Purpose Motor: Motor with special operating characteristics or special mechanical construction, or both, designed for a particular application and not falling within the definition of a general purpose or definite p MORE

Special Senses

Science / Biology / Special Senses: Vision, hearing, taste, and smell. MORE