Business / Construction / Span: The clear distance that a framing member carries a load without support between structural supports. The horizontal distance from eaves to eaves.
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Span Verb Synonyms: cross, stretch over, reach over, extend over, go over, bridge
Span Noun Synonyms: bridge, link, stretch, overpass, flyover

Spanish Roast

Life Style / Coffee / Spanish Roast: Terms for coffee brought to degrees of roast considerably darker than the American norm: may range in color from dark brown (see Espresso Roast) to nearly black (see Dark French Roast) and in flavor f MORE

Span Of Control

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Span Of Control: A management principle expressing that a limit exists to the number of people an individual can effectively and successfully manage. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Spank: To hit a groundstroke flat with a lot of pace. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Picaro: A knave or rascal who is the protagonist in picaresque novels. See discussion under picaresque novel, above. (Spanish 'thief,' also called picaroon) MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Farsa: A medieval Spanish religious play, usually performed in sets rather than alone, with a comic interlude between plays or between acts. An example is Lucas Fernández's Farsas y eglogas al modo y esti MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Tilde: A diacritic marking usd in languages like Spanish and Portugeuse. It looks like this: ~, and the tilde appears over another letter. MORE