Business / Construction / Shake: A wood roofing material, normally cedar or redwood. Produced by splitting a block of the wood along the grain line. Modern shakes are sometimes machine sawn on one side. See shingle.
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Shake Verb Synonyms: wave, brandish, flourish, display, show off, parade, exhibit, vaunt, waggle, flap, flutter
Shake Adjective Synonyms: weaken, undermined, impair, harm, damage, discourage, disenchant, disappoint, disaffect
Shake Noun Synonyms: quiver, quake, shudder, waver, wobble, tremble, shiver


Technology / Motorcycle / Boneshaker: A late 19th century bicycle, and later, a very early motorcycle based upon the same frame. “Boneshaker” refers to the extremely uncomfortable ride, which was caused by the stiff frame and wooden MORE

Golden Handshake

Business / Finance / Golden Handshake: A contract that binds a broker to a brokerage firm by offering the broker commissions and bonuses, but penalizes the broker if he or she goes to work for another firm. MORE

Camera Shake

Entertainment / Photography / Camera Shake: Movement of the camera caused by an unsteady hold or support. It is a major cause of un-sharp pictures, especially with long focus lenses. MORE

Shake Painter

Life Style / Painting / Shake Painter: A rectangular-shaped flat pad with an attached handle that is used to paint shingles, shakes and other special surfaces and areas. MORE


Business / Finance / Shakeout: A dramatic change in market conditions that forces speculators to sell their positions, often at a loss. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pastoral: An artistic composition dealing with the life of shepherds or with a simple, rural existence. It usually idealized shepherds' lives in order to create an image of peaceful and uncorrupted existence. M MORE