Sewer Stub

Business / Construction / Sewer Stub: The junction at the municipal sewer system where the home's sewer line is connected.
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Other Words for Stub

Stub Verb Synonyms: butt, end, stump, tail (end), remnant, fag-end


Business / Finance / Stub: An agreement in settlement of a lawsuit involving specific payments made over a period of time. Property and casualty insurance companies often buy life insurance products to pay the costs of such set MORE

Stub Stock

Business / Taxes / Stub Stock: When a company has a negative net worth as a result of being bought out or going bankrupt, it may convert some of the bonds it has issued into shares of common stock. Perhaps because each share is wor MORE

Stub, Stubbed

Business / Construction / Stub, Stubbed: To push through. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Stubble-Mulching: Leaving the stubble or crop residue essentially in place on the land as a surface cover during a fallow period. Stubble-mulching can prevent erosion from wind or water and conserve soil moisture. MORE

Storm Sewer

Business / Construction / Storm Sewer: A sewer system designed to collect storm water and is separated from the waste water system. MORE

Side Sewer

Business / Construction / Side Sewer: The portion of the sanitary sewer which connects the interior waste water lines to the main sewer lines. The side sewer is usually buried in several feet of soil and runs from the house to the sewer l MORE