Scrap Out

Business / Construction / Scrap Out: The removal of all drywall material and debris after the home is 'hung out' (installed) with drywall.
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Other Words for Out

Out Adjective Synonyms: outlying, distant, far-off, peripheral
Out Adverb Synonyms: outside, outdoors, in or into the open air

Other Words for Scrap

Scrap Noun Synonyms: waste, debris, rubbish, junk
Scrap Verb Synonyms: mite, bit, shred, bite, morsel, piece, fragment, shard or sherd, particle, sliver, snippet, snip, crumb, whit, iota, jot or tittle, snatch, drop, drip, grain, speck, molecule, atom, dab, trace, scintilla, hint, suggestion

Pass Routes

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Pass Out

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Parental Lockout

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Payout Ratio

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