Sash Balance

Business / Construction / Sash Balance: A device, usually operated by a spring and designed to hold a single hung window vent up and in place
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Other Words for Balance

Balance Noun Synonyms: scale(s), steelyard
Balance Verb Synonyms: weigh, estimate, ponder, consider, deliberate, assess, compare, evaluate

Low Balance Method

Business / Finance / Low Balance Method: A method of calculating interest on the basis of the lowest balance of an account over the applicable period. MORE

Jolly Balance

Science / Geology / Jolly Balance: A spring balance used in the determination of specific gravity. MORE

Imbalance Of Orders

Business / Finance / Imbalance Of Orders: In the context of finance. absence of cash flow needed to fulfill financial debts and meet obligations. In the context of investments, describes a lightly traded investment such as a stock or bond tha MORE


Life Style / Tea / Mizusashi: cold-water container MORE

Net Cash Balance

Business / Finance / Net Cash Balance: Beginning cash balance plus cash receipts minus cash disbursements. MORE

Off-Balance-Sheet Financing

Business / Finance / Off-Balance-Sheet Financing: Financing that is not shown as a liability on a company's balance sheet. MORE