Business / Construction / Saddle: A small second roof built behind the back side of a fireplace chimney to divert water around the chimney. Also, the plate at the bottom of some—usually exterior—door openings. Sometimes called a threshold.
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Technology / Motorcycle / Saddlebags: Saddlebags are either soft or hard containers attached over the rear fender of a motorcycle. They hang down on each side of the bike and provide storage for items that are carried on the bike. Usually MORE

Saddle Tank

Technology / Motorcycle / Saddle Tank: A fuel tank that fits over the top tube of the motorcycle frame. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Sidesaddle: A putting stance where the legs and feet are, more or less, facing the hole and the stroke is made to the side of, rather than in front of, the body MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Spoof: A comic piece of film or literature that ostensibly presents itself as a 'genre' piece, but actually pokes fun at the clichés or conventions of the genre through imitative satire. Examples from the MORE