Run, Stair

Business / Construction / Run, Stair: The horizontal distance of a stair tread from the nose to the riser.
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Health / Fitness / Stair-Climber: A cardiovascular machine that has two foot plates you pump up and down to mimic the action of climbing stairs. Also called a stepper. MORE

Upstairs Market

Business / Finance / Upstairs Market: The amount by which analysts or investors expect the price of a security may increase. MORE

Upstairs Order

Business / Finance / Upstairs Order: A network of trading desks for the major brokerage firms and institutional investors, which communicate with each other by means of electronic display systems and telephones to facilitate block trades MORE

Stair Rise

Business / Construction / Stair Rise: The vertical distance from stair tread to stair tread (and not to exceed 7 ½'). MORE

Stair Landing

Business / Construction / Stair Landing: A platform between flights of stairs or at the termination of a flight of stairs. Often used when stairs change direction. Normally no less than 3 ft. X 3 ft. Square. MORE

Run, roof

Business / Construction / Run, roof : The horizontal distance from the eaves to a point directly under the ridge. One half the span. MORE