Roll, Rolling

Business / Construction / Roll, Rolling: To install the floor joists or trusses in their correct place. (To 'roll the floor' means to install the floor joists).
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Rolling Chassis

Technology / Motorcycle / Rolling Chassis: The assembled frame, wheels and suspension of a motorcycle. MORE

Rolling Stair Climber

Health / Fitness / Rolling Stair Climber: A cardiovascular machine that resembles a section of a department-store escalator. A set of stairs rotates in a circle so that you climb continuously, but never getting anywhere. MORE

Rolling Year

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Rolling Year: Under FMLA regulations, a rolling year is defined as a 12-month period measured backward from the date an employee first uses leave. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Trolling: A troll is someone who is deliberately provocative in an attempt to stir up controversy. The act of 'trolling' is to be purposely inflammatory. MORE

Rolling Admissions

Life Style / College / Rolling Admissions: A policy with no set deadline for application submission. MORE


Life Style / Tea / Rolling: the process of crushing the leaves to initiate fermentation and impart twist. MORE