Business / Construction / Rise: The vertical distance from the eaves line to the ridge. Also the vertical distance from stair tread to stair tread (and not to exceed 7 ½').
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Rise Noun Synonyms: get up, arise, stand (up), get to one's feet, be upstanding
Rise Verb Synonyms: ascend, be elevated, arise, climb, lift, go up, mount

Stair Rise

Business / Construction / Stair Rise: The vertical distance from stair tread to stair tread (and not to exceed 7 ½'). MORE

Riser And Panel

Business / Construction / Riser And Panel: The exterior vertical pipe (riser) and metal electric box (panel) the electrician provides and installs at the 'Rough Electric' stage. MORE


Business / Construction / Riser: Each of the vertical boards closing the spaces between the treads of stairways. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Reprise: To repeat a previous part of a composition generally after other music has been played. MORE

State Trading Enterprises (Stes)

Business / Agriculture / State Trading Enterprises (Stes): Stes are enterprises authorized to engage in trade (exporting and/or importing) that are owned, sanctioned, or otherwise supported by government. Stes are legitimate trading entities and are subject t MORE


Science / Weather / Sunrise: The daily appearance of the sun on the eastern horizon as a result of the earth's rotation. In the United States, it is considered as that instant when the upper edge of the sun appears on the sea lev MORE