Business / Construction / Ridge: The horizontal line at the junction of the top edges of two sloping roof surfaces.
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Ridge Verb Synonyms: crest, line, strip, top edge, ar�te

Ridge (Mid-Ocean)

Science / Geology / Ridge (Mid-Ocean): An elevated area of the sea floor in the center of an ocean basin with rugged topography, a central rift-valley and recurring seismic activity. Ridges generally stand about 1000 meters to 3000 meters MORE

Ridge (Alveolar)

Health / Dentistry / Ridge (Alveolar): The alveolar process and its soft tissue covering that remain after the teeth are removed. MORE

Residual Ridge

Health / Dentistry / Residual Ridge: A remnant of the alveolar process and soft tissue covering after teeth are removed. MORE

Oceanic Ridge

Science / Marine Biology / Oceanic Ridge: A sinuous ridge rising from the deep-sea floor MORE

Baldridge National Quality Award

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Baldridge National Quality Award: The Baldrige Award is given by the President of the United States to businesses—manufacturing and service, small and large—and to education and health care organizations that apply and are judged MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Pictbridge: Pictbridge is an international direct-print standard adopted by most major manufacturers of digital cameras and photo printers. With pictbridge, you can connect a compatible camera to a pictbridge pho MORE