Business / Construction / Remote: Remote electrical, gas, or water meter digital readouts that are installed near the front of the home in order for utility companies to easily read the home owners usage of the service.
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Remote Adjective Synonyms: distant, far-away, far-off, removed, outlying, inaccessible

Remote Extender

Technology / Television (TV) / Remote Extender: A remote extender is a device that allows you to use an Infrared (IR) remote to control a satellite receiver from another room. MORE

Remote Managers

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Remote Managers: A manager who supervises employees who perform their work at a site other then the employer’s premises. MORE

Remote Sensing

Business / Agriculture / Remote Sensing: The act of detecting objects when the sensor is not in direct contact: commonly refers to using aerial photographs to observe conditions on the Earth’s surface. In agriculture, this technology can b MORE

UHF Remote

Technology / Television (TV) / UHF Remote: Ultra High Frequency remote control that can operate the receiver from another room. An IR (Infra Red) remote needs to be in line-on-sight with the receiver. MORE

Remote Employees

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Remote Employees: Employees who work off company premises and are removed from their supervisors or mangers. MORE

Remote Disbursement

Business / Finance / Remote Disbursement: Technique that involves writing checks drawn on banks in remote locations so as to maximize disbursement float. MORE