Business / Construction / Register: A grill placed over a heating duct or cold air return.
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Register Noun Synonyms: cash register, till, money box, cash-box
Register Verb Synonyms: record, roll, roster, rota, catalogue, annal(s), archive(s), journal, daybook, diary, appointment book, calendar, chronicle, schedule, programme, directory, ledger, file, index, inventory, list, listing, poll, tally,

Stationers Register

Entertainment / Literature / Stationers Register: Stephen Greenblatt provides the following definition: The account books of the Company of Stationers (of which all printers were legally required to be members), recording the fees paid for permission MORE

Federal Register (FR)

Business / Agriculture / Federal Register (FR): Each federal working day, this federal document publishes current Presidential orders or directives, agency regulations, proposed agency rules, notices and other documents that are required by statute MORE

Registered Representative

Business / Finance / Registered Representative: A person registered with the CFTC who is employed by and solicits business for a commission house or futures commission merchant. MORE

Check Register (Ledger)

Business / Accounting / Check Register (Ledger): A record of all activity that happens within a checking account: maintained by the checking account holder. MORE


Life Style / College / Enroll-Register: This is the procedure by which students choose classes each semester. It also includes the assessment and collection of fees. MORE

Registered Options Trader

Business / Finance / Registered Options Trader: An American Stock Exchange specialist who monitors a certain group of options to help maintain a fair and orderly market. MORE