Business / Construction / Ranch: A single story, one level home.
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Franchise Tax

Business / Real Estate / Franchise Tax: An income tax, California corporations pay. MORE

Ocean Ranching

Business / Agriculture / Ocean Ranching: A type of aquaculture, used mainly by the salmon industry, which cultures juvenile fish, releases them to mature in the open ocean, and catches them when they return as adults to spawn. MORE

Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking And Branching Efficiency Act Of 1994

Business / Finance / Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking And Branching Efficiency Act Of 1994: Law permitting interstate banking in the U.S. MORE


Business / Finance / Tranche: An argument that, 'within reason,' investors prefer higher dividends to lower dividends because the dividend is sure but future capital gains are uncertain. MORE

Franchise Investment Law

Business / Real Estate / Franchise Investment Law: Administered by the California corporations commissioner, the law requires disclosure from the franchisor to the franchisee and is intended to protect prospective purchasers of franchises. MORE


Business / Accounting / Franchise: An entity that has been licensed to sell the product of a manufacturer or to offer a particular service in a given area. MORE