Business / Construction / Rake: Slope or slanted.
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Rake Verb Synonyms: scrape, comb, scratch, grate, graze

Rake and Trail

Technology / Motorcycle / Rake and Trail: Rake is the angle of the fork away from vertical toward the rider. Trail is the distance on the ground between a vertical line dropped straight down from the center of the wheel and a projection of th MORE

Rake Fascia

Business / Construction / Rake Fascia: The vertical face of the sloping end of a roof eave. MORE

Rake Siding

Business / Construction / Rake Siding: The practice of installing lap siding diagonally MORE

Side Rake

Business / Machine Shop / Side Rake: That surface which slopes to the side of the cutting edge. It may be positive or negative and is combined with the back rake. See rake. MORE

Under Brake

Technology / Motorcycle / Under Brake: Failure to apply the brakes to their full capability, resulting in a longer than needed stopping distance. This is usually caused by fear of the results of over braking. MORE

Sintered Brake Pads

Technology / Motorcycle / Sintered Brake Pads: Asbestos-free brake pads made of sintered metal, with excellent friction coefficient and heat resistance characteristics. Sintering is a method for making objects from powdery metals by heating withou MORE