Business / Construction / Rail: Cross members of panel doors or of a sash. Also, a wall or open balustrade placed at the edge of a staircase, walkway bridge, or elevated surface to prevent people from falling off. Any relatively lightweight horizontal element, especially those found in fences (split rail).
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Rail Noun Synonyms: bar, rod, handrail, foot-rail , towel-rail, railing, banisters, balustrade, baluster, fence

Class I Railroad

Business / Agriculture / Class I Railroad: Any railroad with annual gross revenues of at least $250 million (in 1991), according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. These are the largest long-distance U.S. railroad systems such as Union MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Trailer: A player who follows his teammate on the attack seemingly out of the action but actually in a position to receive a backward or drop pass. MORE

Trail Braking

Technology / Motorcycle / Trail Braking: Keeping the brakes on late into a corner, after initial braking has taken place. A motorcycle riding and driving technique where the brakes are used beyond the entrance to a turn and are gradually rel MORE

Trail Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Trail Bike: A lightweight motorcycle for riding on trails and rough surfaces. Also known as a Dirt Bike or Off-Road motorcycle. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Trailie: Another name for an Adventure Touring Motorcycle, which could be likened to a larger displacement dual-purpose bike. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Trail: The distance from the front axle’s vertical position on the ground, to the spot in front of it created by drawing a straight line from the angle of the forks. (Compare Rake). Trail is often cited as MORE