Business / Construction / Rafter: Lumber used to support the roof sheeting and roof loads. Generally, 2 X 10's and 2 X 12's are used. The rafters of a flat roof are sometimes called roof joists.
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Rafter, Valley

Business / Construction / Rafter, Valley: A rafter that forms the intersection of an internal roof angle. The valley rafter is normally made of double 2-inch-thick members. MORE

Rafter, Hip

Business / Construction / Rafter, Hip: A rafter that forms the intersection of an external roof angle. MORE

Jack Rafter

Business / Construction / Jack Rafter: A rafter that spans the distance from the wall plate to a hip, or from a valley to a ridge. MORE

Fly Rafters

Business / Construction / Fly Rafters: End rafters of the gable overhang supported by roof sheathing and lookouts. MORE

Blocked (Rafters)

Business / Construction / Blocked (Rafters): Short '2 by 4's' used to keep rafters from twisting, and installed at the ends and at mid-span. MORE