R Value

Business / Construction / R Value: A measure of insulation. A measure of a materials resistance to the passage of heat. The higher the R value, the more insulating 'power' it has. For example, typical new home's walls are usually insulated with 4' of batt insulation with an R value of R-13, and a ceiling insulation of R-30.
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Preferred Suppliers

Life Style / Travel / Preferred Suppliers: A travel agency's list of the products they prefer to sell the most. These suppliers sometimes offer extra commissions, but also often make special offers available to the consumer through that travel MORE

Preferred Stock Ratio

Business / Finance / Preferred Stock Ratio: Preferred stock at par value divided by total capitalization, which gives the portion of capitalization that consists of preferred stock. MORE

Preferred Stock Agreement

Business / Finance / Preferred Stock Agreement: A contract for preferred stock. MORE

Preferred Stock

Business / Accounting / Preferred Stock: A class of stock that usually provides dividend and liquidation preferences over common stock. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Prefix: A morpheme added to the beginning of a word. For instance, the prefix re- can be added to the word play to create the word replay. MORE

Preformed Group

Life Style / Travel / Preformed Group: A tour group in existence prior to the tour, the members of which share a common bond, interest or organizational affiliation. Also referred to as affinity group. MORE