Quarter Round

Business / Construction / Quarter Round: A small trim molding that has the cross section of a quarter circle.
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Other Words for Quarter

Quarter Noun Synonyms: fourth
Quarter Verb Synonyms: area, region, part, section, district, zone, division, territory, place, neighborhood, locality, locale, location, point, spot, direction

Other Words for Round

Round Preposition Synonyms: around, about, in a circle or ring, on all sides
Round Adjective Synonyms: curved, curvilinear, rounded, arched
Round Adverb Synonyms: circular, disc-shaped, discoid, disc-like
Round Noun Synonyms: heat, stage, level, turn
Round Verb Synonyms: about, around, encircling, enclosing, orbiting

Round-Trip Trade

Business / Finance / Round-Trip Trade: The purchase and sale of a security within a short period of time. MORE

Round-Trip Transactions Costs

Business / Finance / Round-Trip Transactions Costs: Costs of completing a transaction, including commissions, market impact costs, and taxes. MORE

Round Tripper

Entertainment / Baseball / Round Tripper: A home run. MORE

Round Trip

Life Style / Travel / Round Trip: A trip that starts in a location and goes to a different location and goes back to the starting point. This is the most common method of travel for the average vacationer. MORE

Round Of 16

Entertainment / Tennis / Round Of 16: The round of a tournament prior to the quarterfinals in which there are 16 players remaining, corresponds to the 4th round of 128-draw tournament, the 3rd round of a 64-draw, and 2nd round of a 32-dra MORE

Round Robin

Entertainment / Tennis / Round Robin: A tournament format in which players are organised into groups of 3 or 4 players and compete against all other members of the group, players are then ranked according to number of matches, sets and ga MORE