Pump Mix

Business / Construction / Pump Mix: Special concrete that will be used in a concrete pump. Generally, the mix has smaller rock aggregate than regular mix.
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Other Words for Mix

Mix Verb Synonyms: mingle, combine, intermingle, blend, incorporate, put together, merge, unite, alloy, commingle, amalgamate, coalesce
Mix Adjective Synonyms: socialize, fraternize, consort, hobnob, go round or around or about (together), get together, keep company, join (with), associate (with), hang out or about or round or around (with)

Other Words for Pump

Pump Verb Synonyms: interrogate, question, examine, cross-examine, quiz, probe, grill, give (someone) the third degree
Pump Noun Synonyms: send, force, deliver, push


Science / Marine Biology / Mixoplankton: Planktonic organisms that can be classified at several trophic levels. For example, some ciliates can be photosynthetic but also can ingest other plankton and are heterotrophic. MORE

Pump And Dump

Business / Taxes / Pump And Dump: In a pump and dump scheme, a scam artist manipulates the stock market by buying shares of a low-cost stock and then artificially inflating the price by spreading rumors, typically using the Internet a MORE

Pump Fake

Entertainment / Basketball / Pump Fake: A pump fake is a feigned attempt at a jump shot, restrained before the feet leave the ground. The pump fake is a fundamental move in basketball, used to cause defenders to jump (known in basketball sl MORE

Mixing Depth

Science / Marine Biology / Mixing Depth: The water depth to which wind energy evenly mixes the water column MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Mixer: A light pocket hit that scatters the pins resulting in a strike. A ball with a lot of action. MORE

Mixed Metaphor

Life Style / Poetry / Mixed Metaphor: two awkwardly-yoked metaphors, such as 'kicking the spurs of zeal on the road to Abraham's bosom.' MORE