Business / Construction / Ply: A term to denote the number of layers of roofing felt, veneer in plywood, or layers in built-up materials, in any finished piece of such material.
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Ply Noun Synonyms: layer, leaf, thickness, fold

Supply Control Programs

Business / Agriculture / Supply Control Programs: Any of several government programs to influence the supply of farm products on the market. Some, such as acreage allotments and marketing quotas, are considered mandatory, in that farmers who produce MORE


Business / Real Estate / Supply: The amount of goods available in the market to be sold at a given price. The term is often coupled with supply and demand The appraisal principle that follows the interrelationship of the supply of an MORE


Technology / Email / Reply-To: The email address that receives messages sent from users who click 'reply' in their email clients. Can differ from the 'from' address which can be an automated or unmonitored email address used only t MORE

Raw Material Supply Agreement

Business / Finance / Raw Material Supply Agreement: As used in connection with project financing, an agreement to furnish a specified amount per period of a specified raw material. MORE

Supply Shock

Business / Finance / Supply Shock: A Social Security program established to help the blind, disabled, and poor. MORE

Supply-Side Economics

Business / Finance / Supply-Side Economics: An event that influences production capacity and costs in an economy. MORE