Plumbing Stack

Business / Construction / Plumbing Stack: A plumbing vent pipe that penetrates the roof.
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Other Words for Stack

Stack Noun Synonyms: pile, heap, mound, mass, accumulation, hill, mountain, store, stock, bank, deposit, supply, stockpile, hoard, load, bundle, bale, stash
Stack Adjective Synonyms: haystack, cock, haycock, rick, rickle, hayrick, clamp

Soil Stack

Business / Construction / Soil Stack: A plumbing vent pipe that penetrates the roof. MORE

Plumbing Waste Line

Business / Construction / Plumbing Waste Line: Plastic pipe used to collect and drain sewage waste. MORE

Stack (Trusses)

Business / Construction / Stack (Trusses): To position trusses on the walls in their correct location. MORE

Stack The Pads

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stack The Pads: A save wherein the goaltender drops to one side and makes the save with his leg pads. MORE

Underground Plumbing

Business / Construction / Underground Plumbing: The plumbing drain and waste lines that are installed beneath a basement floor. MORE

Trim (Plumbing, Heating, Electrical)

Business / Construction / Trim (Plumbing, Heating, Electrical): The work that the 'mechanical' contractors perform to finish their respective aspects of work, and when the home is nearing completion and occupancy. MORE