Pilot Hole

Business / Construction / Pilot Hole: A small-diameter, pre-drilled hole that guides a nail or screw.
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Other Words for Hole

Hole Noun Synonyms: cavity, pit, hollow, excavation, burrow, crater, cavern, cave, recess, niche, nook, pocket, depression, indentation, dent, impression

Other Words for Pilot

Pilot Noun Synonyms: aviator, aviatrix, flier, airman, airwoman, aeronaut, captain

Stroke Hole

Entertainment / Golf / Stroke Hole: A hole on which a player's handicap strokes fall in net scoring match play situations (e.g., a 1 handicapper only gets a stroke on the number 1 handicap hole, whereas an 18 handicapper gets a stroke o MORE

Sprocket Holes

Entertainment / Photography / Sprocket Holes: Perforations on both edges of 35mm film, which engage with the teeth of the film transport mechanism. MORE

Student Pilot

Technology / Aviation / Student Pilot: A pilot who is training for a sport pilot or private pilot certificate, either before or after the first solo. A sport pilot student pilot must obtain a student pilot certificate through the FAA or a MORE

Third Cholera Pandemic

Health / Disease / Third Cholera Pandemic: (1852-1860) Included outbreaks in London. The Broad Street outbreak investigated by John Snow was particularly deadly. MORE

Turbulence Hole

Entertainment / Bowling / Turbulence Hole: This extra hole creates air turbulence and causes the pins to fly around and mix better. MORE

Tour Wholesaler

Life Style / Travel / Tour Wholesaler: A company that usually creates and certainly markets inclusive tours and independent tours for sale through travel agents. Often used interchangeably with tour operator, but several distinctions might MORE