Parting Stop Or Strip

Business / Construction / Parting Stop Or Strip: A small wood piece used in the side and head jambs of double hung windows to separate the upper sash from the lower sash.
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Other Words for Parting

Parting Adverb Synonyms: separating, splitting, dividing, breaking (up or apart), sundering, cleaving, separation, split, division, break-up, rift, rupture
Parting Noun Synonyms: closing, final, concluding, last, departing, valedictory, deathbed, dying

Other Words for Stop

Stop Verb Synonyms: peter out, be over, end
Stop Noun Synonyms: pause, break, take a break, interrupt, tarry, sojourn, rest, stay, put up, lodge, visit, stop off or in or over, pull over, pull up
Stop Adjective Synonyms: discontinue, halt, terminate, cease, break off, end, put an end or a stop to, bring to a stop or a halt or an end or a close, give up, quit, leave off, finish, conclude, desist, refrain, abandon, draw to a close, be over, come to a stop or a

Other Words for Strip

Strip Verb Synonyms: band, ribbon, fillet, belt, swath or swathe, stripe
Strip Adjective Synonyms: (do a) striptease, work the runway
Strip Noun Synonyms: remove, take away, confiscate, seize, expropriate, rip off

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